A4E endorses Tim Denson for Commission

Athens for Everyone is excited – and proud – to endorse Tim Denson for Athens-Clarke County District 5 Commissioner.

Tim speaking at a Medicaid Expansion rally in 2015 outside the State Republican Convention.

As many of you know, Tim has already been doing the job of a commissioner from outside city hall for years now. Tim is a regular presence at Mayor and Commission meetings, spending countless hours advocating for more progressive and inclusive policies for Athens. Whether fighting for better public transportation, asking for a more open government or calling for criminal justice reform, Tim has proven his ability to connect local residents with the political action they deserve. There is no one who works harder to make Athens work for everyone — not just the city’s well-off — than Tim Denson.

You may remember Tim from his 2014 Mayoral campaign, when he transformed the landscape of Athens politics. Tim championed greater transparency and public engagement in local government and brought a new commitment to fighting income and racial inequality in Athens. He pushed for bold but practical new ideas to tackle the many challenges facing our wonderful city. Fresh on the heels of a strong showing from that campaign, his slogan became the name of a transformative organization: Athens for Everyone. As President of A4E from 2014-17, he helped lead the charge on countless fights for racial, social, and economic justice. Tim and A4E were instrumental in winning Sunday bus service, providing a living wage to all local government employees and taking a first step towards a more comprehensive anti-discrimination ordinance.

While these successes are clear, there is still much work to be done. Tim is ready, and has the experience to take on that challenge. He will introduce bold ideas for real change: living wages, expanded public services, a culture of consent. As the representative for District 5, he will practice open door democracy and ensure that the residents of District 5 get the infrastructure they deserve, such as parks, sidewalks and access to high-speed internet.

Tim is challenging the incumbent, Jared Bailey, who does have a strong track record of voting his progressive conscience, but who has largely disengaged from the hard work of building the future we’re fighting for. The Republican challenger, Danielle Benson, is out of step with the values and needs of our community. In contrast, Tim will step up and drive the dialogue, work diligently to create new policies, and fight with dedication to ensure our government does all it can to bring about the change we’ve long needed.

If you are ready to continue the progress made electing progressives in November’s special election, and to send a clear message that Athenians are fed up with the status quo and committed to working for a better world, VOTE FOR TIM DENSON. Please sign up to volunteer or contribute to Tim’s campaign directly. To learn more about Tim, you can read his platform or his responses to the A4E questionnaire.

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Did you know that Tim is also a musician? Tim at the MLK Parade in Athens in 2017.

Tim for Athens; Athens for Everyone!

Athens for Everyone
February 1, 2018



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