2018 Primary and Local Election Guide

Welcome to the A4E guide to the 2018 primary and local election!

There are so many candidates in so many races this year that we had to make some difficult choices on the presentation of this guide. One potential area of confusion is the order of presentation. We are focusing on the local non-partisan races, not the Democratic primary. Therefore we will present the mayor’s race first on our guide, even though it will not appear first in the voting booth.  Examine the sample ballots here before you vote.

Print this pocket version of our guide to take with you to the polls! A4E GUÍA DE VOTANTES en ESPAÑOL 

Links to Full Endorsements

Kelly Girtz for Mayor
Patrick Davenport for Commission District 1
Melissa Link for Commission District 3
Tim Denson for Commission District 5
Ovita Thornton for Commission District 9
Imani Scott-Blackwell for Board of Education District 5
LaKeisha Gantt for Board of Education District 7
Tawana Mattox for Board of Education District 9
Richard Winfield for US House District 10

Notes and Disclaimers

We recommended selecting the Democratic ballot, but the majority of our guide covers non-partisan races that are present on every party’s ballot. We did not cover the Republican primary at all, due to space and volunteer time limitations.

Not everyone can vote in every race on this guide. Any race in which a district number is listed is restricted to people living in a certain geographic area. All voters in Athens can vote for any race that does not have a district number listed. To find your districts, check this map: athensforeveryone.com/maps

One last note: you will see that some candidates have checkmarks next to their names while others have the same checkmark but also have a seal. The candidates with the seal are fully endorsed and supported by Athens for Everyone. We recommend voting for every candidate with a checkmark next to their name, but we have not spent time or resources in supporting those without the seal (and they may not have been as fully vetted).

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