It’s time to demand that our legislators pass the Keep Families Together Act TODAY! Please call your senators and your congressional representative and tell them to prohibit the removal of children from their parents at or near the port of entry and vote for the Keep Families Together Act. This […]

Action Alert: Keep Families Together

It’s time to tell our legislators to ask where the refugees are! The world is witnessing the displacement of a record-breaking 65 million people. The Trump Administration promised to take in 45,000 refugees this year (during the Obama presidency the average was 69,250), but the fiscal year is more than […]

Action Alert: Where Are the Refugees?

It’s time to tell our legislators we oppose the Corker-Kaine Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) 2018! Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) have introduced S.J.Res.59, a bill that partially repeals AUMF 2001 and completely repeals AUMF 2002. Although its supporters argue that the bill will […]

Action Alert: Oppose the Forever War

On May 22, Athens-Clarke County cast our votes and the results are a stunning victory for progressive leadership, representative government and tireless grassroots organizing. Athens will now have a progressive mayor and a progressive majority of six commissioners. For the first time ever, in a county with a 27 percent […]

Together we just elected the most progressive Mayor and Commission ...

La guía de Athens for Everyone para las elecciones primarias y locales del 22 de mayo. Con una versión de bolsillo para llevarse a los comicios! Read our recommended ballot in English GUÍA DE VOTANTES para la Elección LOCAL y PRIMARIA del 22 de Mayo La guía de Athens for […]


Want a conveniently sized copy of our full voter guide to take with you to the polls? Want something to hand to friends and co-workers to help get out the vote? Here is a printable pocket version of our full voter guide. Download a high-res PDF and read our full […]

A4E’s Pocket Voter Guide to the May 22 Elections

It’s time to tell our senators to reject Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Thank you for all the calls you made and emails you sent to our state legislators this year. We’ll have a blog post soon on the results of your work. Now it’s time to turn our attention […]

Action Alert: Oppose Gina Haspel for CIA Director

Athens’ 38 percent poverty rate is a result of political decisions, not some natural fact of economics or personal failings. That means it can also be fixed through political decisions–ones that enact a bold restructuring of our society and economy. That’s what Richard Dien Winfield is proposing, and it’s why […]

A4E endorses Richard Winfield for Congress

It is a very pleasant surprise to find ourselves agreeing with so many of the points Harry Sims puts forth in his recent letter to us. It is always a difficult task to boil down complicated political stances into something as simple as a letter grade; even classroom rubrics don’t […]

Our response to Harry Sims’ thoughtful letter