Brett Kavanaugh
Let’s tell our senators to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a Supreme Court justice! There are many reasons that Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court: his hostility to healthcare for all, his proven record of siding with corporations over people, the fact that he’ll likely rule to overturn […]

Action Alert: Stop Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

demand paper ballots
It’s time to tell Brian Kemp to switch to paper ballots now! First he exposed our personal data. Then he ignored an independent investigation showing our elections are vulnerable to hacking. Now he wants to wait until after November’s elections to change the system. Call or email: Secretary of State […]

Action Alert: Paper Ballots Now!

We all know affordable housing is an issue in Athens. Salaries are low, housing prices are very high relative to them, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. But what do we do about it? A4E’s Housing Initiative has been meeting monthly and working on trying to build […]

Affordable Housing: What Can You Do?

It’s time to tell Brian Kemp that we have a right to vote! Would you put the fox in charge of the henhouse? That’s exactly what’s happening in Georgia, where Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be overseeing his own election results as he runs for governor. Call or email: […]

Action Alert: Preserve Your Right to Vote

A4E member Steve Piazza is a writer and poet living in Athens, Georgia with his wife and cat. He is a retired educator who advocates for education, workers’ rights and global welfare. Interested in writing for our blog? Get in touch! Everyone wants justice, but what exactly is it and […]

The Economic Justice Coalition: Fighting for Workers

It’s time to tell the ACCPD we do not support its officers’ use of excessive force! After an investigation into the July 20 incident in which Athens-Clarke County police officers threw down and restrained an emotionally distraught 10-year-old boy, Lt. Richard Odum, head of the ACCPD Office of Professional Standards, […]

Action Alert: No Police Violence Against Children

Since taking office a little over two months ago, Commissioner Mariah Parker has already spearheaded her first successful initiative, one that Commissioner-Elect Tim Denson had been pursuing for over four years. The Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission have three meetings each month, two of which (voting sessions and agenda-setting sessions) […]

Mariah Parker spearheads transparency initiative

It’s time to tell our legislators to oppose restricting SNAP benefits! Over 42 million people in the US rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, also known as food stamps) to put food on their tables. The new Farm Bill threatens to add stronger work requirements to SNAP, restricting […]

Action Alert: Urge Congress to Protect SNAP Benefits

A boatload of new policies are about to be voted on by the Clarke County Board of Education in August and you have the opportunity to review them and make comments and suggestions before the vote on August 9. Public comment ends on July 27 (this Friday)!   Why is […]

Comment on New Clarke County School Board Policies