hands with a hand-marked paper ballot
It’s time to tell our legislators we want real paper ballots. Call or email: Rep. Spencer Frye: spencer.frye@house.ga.gov or (404) 656-0265 Rep.-Elect Houston Gaines: contact@houstongaines.com  Rep.-Elect Marcus Wiedower: votemarcuswiedower@gmail.com or (706) 254-3251  Sen. Bill Cowsert: bill.cowsert@senate.ga.gov or (404) 463-1366  Sen. Frank Ginn: frank.ginn@senate.ga.gov or (404) 656-4700  Make sure to tell […]

Action Alert: We Want Real Paper Ballots

It’s time to ask our legislators to protect voting rights. Call or email: Rep. Spencer Frye: spencer.frye@house.ga.gov or (404) 656-0265Rep.-Elect Houston Gaines: contact@houstongaines.comRep.-Elect Marcus Wiedower: votemarcuswiedower@gmail.com or (706) 254-3251 Make sure to tell your friends in other districts to call their state legislators, too. Don’t know who your legislators are? […]

Action Alert: Stop Purging Voter Rolls

With Brian Kemp set to be our next governor, it would be easy to ignore the upcoming run-off election on December 4. But there are two candidates on the ballot who deserve your vote, and it’s an important election for the future of democracy in our state. Neither John Barrow […]

Vote Dec. 4 if You Care about Democracy in Georgia

We know it might not feel like it right now, but this election was a victory. On November 6 and in the weeks prior, voters turned out in unheard of numbers for a midterm election, making their voices heard across the state. Despite a huge effort to stop black and […]

Georgia, We Just Made History Together

Want a conveniently sized copy of our full voter guide to take with you to the polls? Want something to hand to friends and co-workers to help get out the vote? Here is a printable pocket version of our full voter guide in English, and en Español! Download a high-res PDF in […]

A4E’s Pocket Voter Guide to the November 2018 General Election

Josh McCall is working hard to spread the bold ideas we need throughout US House District 9, with his commitments to Medicare for All, a federal job guarantee and a major rollback of the American war machine. Voters in north Athens and Winterville as well as folks throughout north Georgia […]

Josh McCall Really Will Work for All

Athens for Everyone is pleased to endorse Jonathan Wallace for State House District 119. Jonathan Wallace wants to fully fund our schools because he recognizes that every school in Georgia should be as good as the best school in Georgia. He supports expanding Medicaid, because he recognizes that healthcare is […]

Jonathan Wallace Will Listen to His Constituents

Following in the footsteps of state legislators like Deborah Gonzalez who won in historically Republican districts, Dawn Johnson is running to do the same with Georgia senate district 47. What’s remarkable about her campaign and the reason we endorse her strongly is that she isn’t running to the middle. She […]

Dawn Johnson Is Fighting for a Better Future for Georgia