Voter FAQ

Have questions about voting or registering to vote? If you don’t find the answer here, contact the Board of Elections (706-613-3150).

If you need a ride to the polls, please call us at (706) 438-4330 or send us an email at

¿Preguntas sobre la votación? Pronto: preguntas frecuentes en español.

Am I already registered to vote?

Check here to see if you’ve already registered. You don’t need to register every year; as long as you’ve voted in the recent past, you won’t need to register again. If you’re not registered, you will need to register at least a month in advance of election day.

Can I register to vote online?

Yes! You can register here.

What commission district am I in?

Check these maps to find your district for local elections. Put in the address where you are registered. If you can’t remember where you are registered, check here.

Can I see a sample ballot?

You can see sample ballots on the Board of Elections website.

Where can I vote?

Check here to find out your voting location on election day.

You can also find your precinct here by typing in your address, then you can check here to see where your precinct is located. Your precinct’s polling location is where you will vote on election day.

I will not be in town on election day. When and where do I go to early vote?

Regardless of your voting precinct, early voting in Athens always takes place at the same location: the Board of Elections office (155 E. Washington St), 8am-5pm, as well as at select other locations around Athens. You can find locations and dates on the BOE website.

Do I need a photo ID to vote?

Yes, you will need to bring your photo ID when you go vote. For more information on registering to vote, visit the Secretary of State’s website here.

Do I need to bring anything else with me?

No, you shouldn’t need anything else!