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Professional / Civic Experience
Director of information systems at UGA’s office for research (2006-present)
Founding Director, Treasurer of Athens Farmers Market, LLC (non-profit) (2008-present)
Member, ACC Planning Commission (2003-present)
Founding Co-Director, University of Georgia research computing center (2004-2010)
IT Manager, Emory University (2001-2003)
Account Executive, US federal contractor, civilian agencies, Washington, DC (1991-1997)

Wichita State University and the University of Alabama (1970)

Party Affiliation
Primary Ballots: Usually votes in Democratic primaries, but not always.
Donations: Donated to John Barrow (D) in 2006.
Fundraising: On Houston Gaines’ (R) fundraising committee in 2017.

Inferred Party: Most likely a Democrat

red x  Issues: Affordable Housing

Voted YES on re-zoning Mitchell Street without using the county’s leverage to ask for some affordable units in the new development.


red x Issues: Complete Streets and Alternative Transportation

Regarding the list of projects to be selected for the upcoming TSPLOST referendum, as reported in the Athens Banner-Herald, “I hope that we will narrow this down to projects that are more conventional transportation.”

May 9, 2017 Work Session


green check1  Issues: Living Wages

“I don’t understand how you can say someone isn’t skilled enough to make a living wage. It’s a living wage.”

May 12, 2016 Work Session


green check1  Issues: Fare-Free Transit for K-12 students

“We do a lot of things that are free, paid for by taxpayers.  This is just another one.”

July 19, 2016 Agenda-Setting Session


Voting Record

  • 2019
    Reconsideration of Designating SPLOST Projects: YES
    (More information about 2019 votes)

  • 2018
    Cedar Creek Solar Array Project: YES
    Moving Work Sessions to City Hall: YES
    Redesigning the Chase Street Corridor: NO
    Updating County Anti-Discrimination Policy: YES
    Athens in Motion plan: absent
    Bike Lanes on Barnett Shoals: NO
    Delay Designating SPLOST Projects: NO
    (More information about 2018 votes)

  • 2017
    Moratorium on Downtown Development: NO
    Progress on Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan: YES
    TSPLOST project list and referendum: YES
    Re-zoning Mitchell Street: YES
    (More information about 2017 votes)

  • 2016
    Apply for ‘Go Transit’ grant funding: YES
    Complete Streets Improvements for Chase: YES
    Allow Sale of Growlers in Brewpubs: YES
    Fare-Free Bus Rides for K-12 Students: YES
    Bar Admittance and Civil Rights Committee: NO
    (More information about 2016 votes)

  • 2015
    Pro-Chicken: absent
    FY 2016 Budget: YES
    Removing Wetland Buffers: NO
    Delay repaving of Chase Street: YES
    Adopt Securus Tech Contract: YES
    Allow Food Trucks: YES
    Keep Domestic Partnership Benefits: YES
    (More information about 2015 votes)


    2018 Questionnaire Responses

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    2016 Questionnaire Responses