2017 Local Ordinances

Moratorium on Downtown Development

A4E is keenly interested in this legislation but ambivalent because of the lack of transparency of the process. On one hand, a moratorium has been needed for years to provide time for planning changes to our zoning laws, and we strongly support it. On the other hand, government transparency is very important to us and it was lacking in this case. Even though A4E takes no official position on this vote, we are recording it so our members can decide for themselves which aspect is more important. You can read a good description of the issue here.

Voting yes on the moratorium: Hamby, Bell, Herod, Dickerson, Sims, Wright, Link, Girtz
Voting no: NeSmith, Bailey

Proposal made by: Link

Passed on February 7, 2017

Progress on Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

A4E supports the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and all the great work being done by the county and other groups such as Bike Athens to make our streets more complete. We’re very pleased that a consultant has been selected and we look forward to seeing the final result.

Voting yes on the moratorium: Hamby, Bell, Dickerson, Sims, Link, Girtz, NeSmith, Bailey
Voting no: none
Absent: Herod, Wright

Proposal made by: Sims

Passed on March 7, 2017

TSPLOST Project List and Referendum

A4E supports the TSPLOST project list and referendum because it is the easiest way for the city to implement our complete streets goals, such as increased funding for sidewalks, bike lanes, and public transportation. We are especially pleased with the inclusion of a bus route expansion along US-29.

Voting yes on the project list: Hamby, Bell, Dickerson, Sims, Link, Girtz, NeSmith, Bailey, Herod, Wright
Voting no: none
Absent: none

Passed on August 1, 2017

Mitchell Street Development

A4E opposes the Mitchell Street development because it is massively over-scale to the surrounding buildings and because it contains no provisions for affordable housing. We feel that it would have been best to deny this rezoning and having them re-apply after passing new downtown design guidelines and an inclusionary zoning ordinance.

Voting yes on re-zoning Mitchell Street: Hamby, Bell, Dickerson, Sims, NeSmith, Herod, Wright
Voting no:  Link, Girtz, Bailey
Absent: none

Passed on September 5, 2017