2018 Local Ordinances

Cedar Creek Solar Array Project

This investment in solar energy will help power the Water Reclamation Facility at Cedar Creek and is hopefully just one step on the road towards 100% renewable energy for all government facilities.

Voting yes on the moratorium: Dickerson, Link, Wright, Bailey, NeSmith, Bell, Girtz, Hamby
Voting no: none
Absent: Herod

Proposal made by: Wright

Passed on March 6, 2018

Moving Work Sessions to City Hall and Changes to Public Comments

Athens for Everyone has been pushing for years to have work sessions recorded and televised, which is why we are thrilled that Commissioner Parker successfully moved work sessions to City Hall with this vote. In their previous location, there was no recording equipment and our local government was unwilling to go to the extra expense, making it necessary to move the meetings for them to be recorded. Work sessions are important meetings which, due to their length, are difficult for the public to attend. Athens for Everyone strongly supports this vote for this reason, although we are less thrilled with the new public comment cards and countdown timer.

Voting yes on increasing transparency: Dickerson, Parker, Link, Wright, Bailey, NeSmith, Bell, Herod, Girtz, Hamby
Voting no: none
Absent: none

Proposal made by: Parker

Passed on August 7, 2018