2015 Local Ordinances


A4E supported this ordinance which allows for backyard chickens. You can see more information about the ordinance here.

Voting yes on allowing chickens: Bailey, Hamby, Bell, Herod, Wright, Link, Girtz, Dickerson
Voting no: Sims (Mayor Denson noted her strong opposition, but was not able to cast a vote)
Absent: NeSmith

Proposal made by: Girtz
Tried to procedurally delay vote: Sims, Dickerson Passed on May 5, 2015

FY 2016 Budget

A4E supported this budget because of the inclusion of Sunday Bus Service and Body Cameras for ACC Police Officers.

Voting yes to approve the budget: Hamby, Bell, Herod, Dickerson, Sims, NeSmith, Wright, Link, Girtz
Voting no: none
Absent: Bailey, Girtz

Proposal made by: Sims Passed on June 2, 2015

Removing Wetland Buffers

A4E opposed this legislation because of potential damage to our wetland areas and ultimately our streams, rivers and wildlife.  We supported the CDO (Commissioner-Defined Option) put forth by Commissioner Girtz which was defeated.

Voting yes on removing wetland buffers: Hamby, Bell, Herod, Dickerson, Sims, Mayor Denson [tiebreaker] Voting no: NeSmith, Bailey, Wright, Link, Girtz

Proposal made by: Dickerson
Opposed CDO made by: Girtz

Passed on August 4, 2015

Delay repaving of Chase Street

A4E supported this legislation to allow for better complete streets implementation.

Voting yes on delaying repaving: Hamby, Bell, Herod, Dickerson, Sims, NeSmith, Bailey, Link
Voting no: none
Absent or Temporarily Out-of-Chamber: Girtz, Wright

Proposal made by: Link

Passed on September 1, 2015

Adopt Securus Tech Contract

A4E strongly opposed this contract because we believe it is inappropriate to treat prisoners (many of whom have not been found guilty of any crime) as a revenue source.

Voting yes on adopting contract: Hamby, Bell, Herod, Dickerson, Sims, NeSmith, Bailey, Wright
Voting no: Link
Absent: Girtz

Proposal made by: Hamby

Passed on September 1, 2015

Allow Food Trucks

A4E supports allowing food trucks because it benefits both small business and consumers alike.

Voting yes on allowing food trucks: Hamby, Bell, Herod, Dickerson, Sims, NeSmith, Bailey, Wright, Girtz, Link
Voting no: none

CDO made by: Herod, Proposal made by: Dickerson

Passed on November 3, 2015

Keep Domestic Partnership Benefits for County Employees

A4E supports this proposal even though gay marriage is now allowed nationwide, because there is a large diversity of relationship types.  All people in relationships deserve to benefit; if they were allowed previously, they should not suddenly be refused simply because they are not married.

Voting yes on keeping benefits: Hamby, Bell, Herod, Dickerson, Sims, NeSmith, Bailey, Wright, Girtz, Link
Voting no: none

Proposal made by: Girtz

Passed November 3, 2015