Jody Hice Prioritizes Defunding Women’s Health Services Over Needs of Georgia Farmers and UGA

Jody Hice (R-GA 10th), Athens representative to the US Congress, decided to prioritize the defunding of Planned Parenthood over the needs of his own constituents and district. Rep. Jody Hice

Rep. Hice voted against the Spending bill (HR 2029) which included $114 million in funding for UGA’s Poultry Science Lab and relief funds for Georgia poultry owners who have been impacted by a recent outbreak of avian influenza. Why did he risk the well being of Georgia poultry owners? Why did he risk losing millions of dollars coming to the University of Georgia? Why did he risk the future of Georgia’s economy by not funding the Savannah Harbor expansion?

“I have several concerns about this legislation, chief among them the funding for the Syrian refugee program, overall funding levels that exceed the House passed budget, and continued funding for Planned Parenthood…It is for these reasons that I fully support the spirit of the bill but was unable to support the legislation on the floor.” [Full statement here]

The Spending Bill easily passed 316-113 but Rep. Jody Hice’s actions and vote speak by themselves. Not to speak of the importance of funding our nation, Rep. Hice refused to put the well-being of the Georgia economy before a purely political attempt at blocking the “Syrian refugee program” (which isn’t actually a thing, all refugees go through the same system), Rep. Hice decided that it was more important to try and strip women’s health options than it was to bolster Georgia’s agriculture industry and local university.

Georgia, when you go to the polls next year, make sure you have your priorities right. Click here to let Rep. Jody Hice know how you feel.

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