Action Alert: Zero Tolerance = Zero Humanity

It’s time to tell our legislators to oppose Trump’s zero-tolerance policy at the border!

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Last week’s nationwide outrage over the separation of children from their families forced the president to backtrack some on his inhumane policies, but it wasn’t enough. The order he signed doesn’t do anything to reunite separated families, and it has enough wiggle room to allow the practice to continue. Now the administration is looking to reverse the Flores agreement, which says minors can be detained no more than 20 days. All of this results from Trump’s zero-tolerance policy at the border, which mandates criminal prosecution of everyone crossing without authorization and is a major shift in how the U.S. approaches the issue.


Sen. Johnny Isakson: (202) 224-3643
Sen. David Perdue: (202) 224-3521
District 10 Rep. Jody Hice: (202) 225-4101
District 9 Rep. Doug Collins: (202) 225-9893

(Not in House District 9 or 10? Find your representative here.)

Zero tolerance doesn’t work in education, it doesn’t work when it comes to crime, and it doesn’t work here. It’s inhumane and ineffective. It ties the hands of law enforcement, taking good judgment out of the equation. It’s also almost always racist in its application, whether directed against Black people or immigrants, and it’s been separating parents and children for years by criminalizing Black youth.

The Trump administration’s half step back on family separations at the border isn’t enough. It needs to rescind its entire zero-tolerance policy.

Personalized calls are more effective than multiple calls reading the same script, so express your personal feelings frankly! Here is an example script that you can build off of or use:


My name is [NAME], calling from [CITY]. II’m calling today because I oppose zero-tolerance policies, both at the border and in community policing. They don’t work as a deterrent and they tie the hands of law enforcement, preventing the exercise of good judgment. As we’ve seen, that policy applied at the border leads to inhumane actions like separating parents and children or jailing families for minor offenses. Please speak out against zero tolerance.

Thank you for the chance to share my concerns.

Please call your senators and representatives TODAY.

TELL THEM: Zero tolerance equals zero humanity!

Thanks for caring,

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Athens for Everyone

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