Action Alert: Paper Ballots Now!

It’s time to tell Brian Kemp to switch to paper ballots now!

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First he exposed our personal data. Then he ignored an independent investigation showing our elections are vulnerable to hacking. Now he wants to wait until after November’s elections to change the system.

Call or email:

Secretary of State Brian Kemp: (844) 753-7825 or fill out this form.

Elections experts agree: Only hand-marked, verifiable paper ballots can be trusted. Voters should be able to view a printed record of their choices and review it before casting their ballot. But our legislators aren’t planning on reviewing new systems until early next year—months after November’s midterms. With continued threats to government-run computer systems (including in Georgia), it’s imperative that Georgia’s voters feel confident that their votes will be counted properly, accurately and fairly this fall.

Kemp has said himself: “I like the idea of having a verifiable paper audit trail.” His Secure, Accessible, and Fair Elections (SAFE) Commission recently met to review options. Let’s call Kemp and tell him it’s important for the commission to act NOW.

Personalized calls are more effective than multiple calls reading the same script, so express your personal feelings frankly! Here is an example script that you can build off of or use:


I’m calling today to express my concern about a lack of verifiable voting records for Georgia voters, and the importance of putting a new process in place now, before the November midterm elections. I’m urging the Secretary of State’s office to adopt a new system that incorporates paper ballots now, so we can have confidence in our election and our elected officials.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.”

Please contact Brian Kemp’s office TODAY.

TELL THEM: Make the change now!

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