Crossover Day Is March 7!

Call or email:

Rep. Houston Gaines (R-117) at (404) 656-0325,

Rep. Spencer Frye (D-118) at (404) 656-0265,

Rep. Marcus Wiedower (R-119) at (404) 656-0325,

Sen. Bill Cowsert (R-46) at (404) 463-1366,

Sen. Frank Ginn (R-47) at (404) 656-4700,

Make sure to tell your friends in other districts to call their state legislators, too. Don’t know who your legislators are? Find out here.

Thursday, March 7, is Crossover Day, the last day on which a bill in the state house or senate can be passed by one chamber and cross over to the other for consideration. If it doesn’t pass by end of day, it has a much reduced chance of becoming law this year (note: there are some sneaky ways around this). The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a great bill tracker, with the odds of each bill’s becoming law, which can help you decide where to spend your time. Here are some on which we urge you to contact your legislators:  
  • HB 202 (oppose): This bill is on the calendar to be voted on tomorrow. It would require the Commissioner of Corrections to post a report on the Department of Corrections (DOC) website of all the data on non-citizens under the authority of DOC, creating an opportunity for targeted violence and hate crimes.
  • HB 481 and SB 218 (oppose): These bills would outlaw abortion at any point after a doctor is able to detect a heartbeat (i.e., 10 to 12 weeks into a pregnancy). We support abortion rights! Note that Houston Gaines sits on the house committee that considered this legislation and voted in favor of letting the bill move forward. (More information here.)
        You can read our full legislative rundown here, but these three issues are the biggest ones that we know of coming up tomorrow. Your voice matters! Please contact your legislators TODAY or TOMORROW MORNING. TELL THEM: No on immigrant persecution, abortion bans and school vouchers! Thanks for caring, Legislative Action Network Athens for Everyone Want to get these alerts in your inbox? Sign up here. Facebooktwitterby feather