A4E Mobilizes for Deborah Gonzalez

Athens for Everyone is excited to endorse Deborah Gonzalez for State House. She faces Republican Houston Gaines in the District 117 Special Election on November 7th.

For A4E, an endorsement is much more than stating our support and recommending a vote. It means that our 1,095 members will do everything we can to get out the vote and get Deborah elected. Phonebanking starts Sunday, 10/8, and canvassing starts Tuesday. Text or call 706-202-4165 to sign up, or RSVP on facebook.

Why Deborah?

A4E doesn’t just support any candidate with a D next to their name. We believe the type of change Athens needs can only come from standing confidently and clearly on the side of the great majority of us for whom the current system isn’t working. We know that a better world is possible, and we look for candidates that share both our optimism and a clear sense of urgency in working to build that future.

Deborah shares our commitment to winning a progressive majority in the State House in order to pass transformative policy to improve the lives of Athenians and Georgians everywhere.

The Issues

When more than 20,000 Athenians lack health insurance, Deborah supports both the obvious and desperately needed Medicaid Expansion (which Republicans have continued to block) and the harder to achieve, but no less desperately needed, creation of a Medicare-for-All system at the state level if the federal government fails to accomplish it nationally. A Medicare-for-All system would eliminate healthcare premiums, deductibles, and co-pays for all Georgians, expand coverage to dental, vision, and mental health services, and create the efficiency and bargaining power to drive down overall costs throughout the system.

With an unemployment rate of only 4.8%, but a poverty rate around 38%, thousands of Athenians  find themselves among the working poor. . Deborah supports taking a major step to change this situation by raising the state’s minimum wage to $15/hour. No Athenian should have to choose between paying the rent, getting decent clothes for their kids, or going to the dentist when their teeth hurt.Making the minimum wage a living wage gets us closer to that goal.

Deborah supports legalizing marijuana in Georgia, along with other criminal justice reform policies, so that we can begin unraveling the racist system of mass incarceration that disproportionately targets people of color, and especially young black men.

Deborah supports following the lead of 12 other states and granting driver’s licenses to undocumented Georgians, the number one policy change at the state level that can help protect our neighbors from the federal government’s detention and deportation machine.

She stands with us for the democratic reforms of an Independent Redistricting Commission and Automatic Voter Registration. She supports access to reproductive health services, transitioning to renewable energy, civil rights protections, repairing our broken infrastructure, and supporting public education, so that every school is as good as our best school.

Read Deborah’s responses to our questionnaire and check out her platform.

What can you do?

This is Athens’ first chance to take our resistance to Trump and the Republicans from the streets and the phone lines and start to win power at the ballot box. We need you to help us elect Deborah! Canvass with us. Phonebank with us. Make sure everyone you know knows about the election on November 7th. Text 706-202-4165, e-mail contact@athensforeveryone.com, or RSVP to phonebank and knock on doors.

For Deborah Gonzalez! For a state legislature for all of us, not just the wealthy, white, and well-connected! For economic and racial justice in Athens and across Georgia!

Athens for Everyone
October 6, 2017

Find your State House District.
Early Voting starts October 16th at 155 E Washington St.
Find your November 7th polling location here.

Deborah Gonzalez endorsement

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