Jonathan Wallace Will Listen to His Constituents

Athens for Everyone is pleased to endorse Jonathan Wallace for State House District 119.

Jonathan Wallace wants to fully fund our schools because he recognizes that every school in Georgia should be as good as the best school in Georgia. He supports expanding Medicaid, because he recognizes that healthcare is a human right and that no one should suffer unnecessary illness, go bankrupt or die because of a lack of insurance. He supports repealing campus carry. Given the assault we have seen on voting rights, his passion for working to end gerrymandering with an independent redistricting commission is critical. He will champion the need to restore integrity to our voting procedures by reinstating paper ballots. And his support for the LGBTQ community and for women whose reproductive rights are increasingly under attack is especially important.

Wallace did not get the chance to vote on many of the policies on his platform this past legislative session, as the Republican leadership there refuses to bring them to the floor. When he was able to vote, he stood with A4E 90 percent of the time. Notably, he voted:

YES to Senate Bill 407 for cash bail reform

NO to House Bill 787, which would have diverted public funds to private schools

YES to House Bill 285 to restrict fracking

YES to House Bill 65 to expand medical marijuana

Beyond Wallace’s voting record and campaign platform, he supports the A4E platform in its entirety. This means racial justice in the form of eliminating cash bail completely and replacing it with justice-oriented alternatives. It means racial and gender justice in the form of a $15 an hour minimum wage and using his status as a successful business owner to make this a compelling and thinkable economic reform. It means using an expansion of Medicaid as a stepping stone for state-level Medicare for All policies (ones based on socially just definitions of health care that include coverage for abortion and gender transition services). It means voting for free child care so that women are not punished when they choose to become mothers.

We are especially encouraged by Wallace’s commitment to ensure that grassroots voices are present and heard. This stance will be important not only in terms of setting the agenda for the Georgia legislature but also in ensuring that the policy solutions we see uphold the highest standards of racial, gender, and economic justice.

Click here to read Wallace’s answers to the A4E Questionnaire

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Athens for Everyone
October 22, 2018


Early voting has started and continues through November 2 at 155 E. Washington St.

Election Day is November 6.

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