Workers for Human Rights March!

This year, the second day of the Athens Human Rights Festival coincides with International Workers Day, or May Day. This workers holiday is a time to show unity with workers at home and abroad. Athens will commemorate May Day 2016 with a Workers for Human Rights march.

In Georgia, workers cannot collectively bargain, can be fired for no reason, and are prohibited from having their cities pass higher minimum wage laws. Undocumented workers live every day in fear of being separated from their families and are locked out of attending the best colleges in our state. LGBTQIA workers see legislators propose bill after bill that would give employers the right to discriminate.

In Athens we’ve seen the terrible effects of these laws, as we experience an egregious poverty rate of 38% despite an unemployment rate of only 5%. These numbers reflect the daily struggle of thousands of workers who cobble together two, three, or five part time jobs to make ends meet. Educators are undervalued and historically feminine work is dismissed, while the capitalist class is praised for holding our collective wealth hostage. This is not some inevitable state of nature. We need not accept these things as normal. We must fight back.

We call on workers throughout the Athens area to come together and march in solidarity for living wages and union rights, an end to discrimination everywhere, an end to mass incarceration and deportation.

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