Will the Commission give Living Wages to ACC Employees?

MIT operates a service that looks at cost of living and calculates a living wage by geography. In Athens, this wage is $10.17 per hour. Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 7th) we ask that you join us at 7:00pm at City Hall (301 College Ave) to demand that the hourly employees of our city government be paid this reasonable amount.

Even though many city workers support families, we are only asking for the living wage calculated for a single adult. The American phenomenon of working poverty — where workers are rewarded with limited compensation partially augmented by programs for the impoverished— is simply unacceptable. Our local government, which democratically represents the people and values of Athens, must provide its employees with a decent living. They work hard and they have earned it. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRMVXXQnUvU[/youtube] Athens has become a true city. We see construction everywhere, and many of us have experienced the sting of rising rents. Our community can no longer operate as if we were a low-cost small town. Life here is changing and wages must rise.

On Tuesday we will petition the government to increase the pay for its hourly workers. The more members of the community who join in making this demand, the better the chances that the Mayor & Commission adopt this policy. Join us in helping make Athens a livable community for everyone who works here.

Join us at 7pm!  Remember, if you’re going to a Mayor and Commission meeting and get a parking validation ticket from the basket, parking in the deck is free! cityhallmap
Athens for Everyone
June 6th, 2016

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