Top 10 Moments of 2016 for Athens for Everyone!

Let’s be honest, 2016 was ROUGH, but good work was done and Athens for Everyone & progressives in Georgia still have reasons to celebrate…here are some of the best of many!
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10. Consent Culture Now! Rally a Success!

On a freezing February Saturday in downtown Athens, dozens of people began to gather. In the midst of the regular weekend bar crowd the voices of a hundred protesters could be heard up College Avenue and across North Campus. The diverse group had come together to advocate for a future where sexual assault isn’t pushed under the rug, and society doesn’t turn a blind eye to rape culture. (READ MORE…)

9. A4E convenes Transit Town Hall meeting in Pinewoods, pushing for transit expansion on US29

Athens for Everyone members, Pinewoods residents, Commissioner Kelly Girtz, and others concerned about transportation options along US highway 29 assembled in the Pinewoods Library last week.  A4E President Tim Denson explained our plan to extend bus service along US29 all the way out to the county line, and slightly beyond to the Veteran’s Clinic in Madison County. [Read More…]

8. A4E joins Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Real Food UGA, and more to demand Wendy’s join the Fair Food Program

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers have been pressuring retail food companies to join the Fair Food Program to ensure workers who pick fruits and vegetables on participating farms are provided humane wages and working conditions. Athens for Everyone, along with Real Food UGA & other participating groups, have joined the boycott of Wendy’s until Wendy’s joins the Fair Food Program. A4E was able to host CIW organizers in Athens for a day of action that included a rally, picket, and teach in [READ MORE…]

7. Georgians Successfully Urge Gov. Deal to Veto Campus Carry Bill!

Georgia residents, students, and faculty grew a movement to oppose the Campus Carry bill that had been passed by the Georgia Legislature. That movement produced thousands upon thousands of phone calls, emails, and social media posts into Governor Deal’s office, effectively forcing him to veto the bill…  [READ MORE…]

6. Athens Transit & UGA Transit Receive Go! Transit Grants for Hybrid and Electric Buses!

Athens Transit’s grant proposal for 10 hybrid-engine buses was approved as part of the Go! Transit grant. Athens for Everyone members have been lobbying for hybrid engine buses for the Athens Transit system and is very pleased that this grant is being funded. [READ MORE…]

5. Hundreds March on City Hall to Demand an Athens Civil Rights Committee, It Worked (mostly)!

At September’s Athens-Clarke County Mayor & Commission meeting, the County Commission voted on a contract that would bring in $1.25 million dollars in revenue over the next 5 years. No public funding would be necessary and almost all labor would be provided at no cost to the County. When it came time to vote, 8 of the 9 Commissioners present voted in favor of the contract and chose to keep in place a very harmful policy that profits off of individuals, and their families who have the misfortune of being incarcerated in our County Jail, guilty or not. Athens for Everyone is working to reverse this policy. [READ MORE…]

4. K-12 Grade Students Now Ride Athens Transit Fare-Free!

In April, the ACC Commission approved allowing all students under 17 years of age to ride Athens Transit buses free for the summer of 2016. When the opportunity to make it permanently free was floated, transit advocates and Athens for Everyone fully supported this idea and advocated for it. Thankfully, the measure passed even in the face of opposition, headed by Commissioner Sharyn Dickerson, of allowing it to be free. [READ MORE…]

3. All Year Round Part-Time ACC Workers to Receive a Living Wage After Push by A4E, Others!

Living Wage Supporters

The ACC Mayor & Commission (click here to see where your Commissioner stands on Living Wages) adopted a budget for the 2017 fiscal year that created a path for nearly 100 part-time county workers to be paid a living wage, but left uncertainty for the remaining workers. Since the fall of 2015, Athens for Everyone has been fighting for all county employees to be paid a living wage of $10.17/hr (or higher). Progress has been made but much work is still to be done… [READ MORE…]

2. Athenians Bounce Back with What Now? Organize! Rally

On November 20, 2016 more than 500 people from Athens and beyond flooded the Cotton Press at Chase Street Warehouses, mobilizing a response to the sweeping Republican victories in the November elections. With not even standing room left, attendees spilled outside the open garage doors as board member Kelly Happe called for everyone to meet the challenges ahead with “radical hope” and action. [READ MORE…]

1. Athens-Clarke County Leads the Defeat of Amendment 1!

In February of 2016 a group of Athenians came together for the first time to figure out how to protect our local schools by stopping Amendment 1 on the November 8 ballot. The Keep Our Schools Local movement, consisting of grassroots organizing, great leadership, and knowledgeable, dedicated volunteers, took off in Athens-Clarke County and grew around the state leading to Amendment 1 being soundly defeated! [READ MORE…]

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