Supporting Migrant Families: What You Can Do

Migrants across the country are organizing in the face of neglectful conditions at the border and increasing attacks by ICE and the Trump administration.

There are ways to support the work in Athens, too. The Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition are supporting migrant peoples at varying levels. Their mission is in  “asserting justice for Athens area immigrants, regardless of legal status…“

Here’s how you can get involved:

U-lead Athens: Help un/underdocumented students achieve a post-secondary education. Provide weekly tutoring for ACT, SAT, ACUPLACER, and coursework. Donate to help provide college scholarships and provides DACA renewals.

Point of Contact(s): Jobeth Allen:         

Betina Kaplan:

Donate here


Community Support Network: “Provides emergency assistance and emotional support to families in crisis because of immigration detentions and deportations”

Point of Contact: 

Donate here


Dignidad Inmigrante En Athens: “DIA demands that fundamental rights to education, work, housing, and family (love), be safeguarded for all human beings, regardless of their migration status, race, or gender”

Point of Contact: Beto Cacao 


AIRC Rapid Response Team: Rapid Response Teams can come to the aid of immigrants people when ICE threatens to displace them. First responders who arrive at the scene can serve as legal observers. Once documenting positions are filled allies who arrive can decide how to leverage their privilege to protect at-risk migrant populations.

Point of Contact: Stephanie Flores

Donate Here  


AIRC Drive Pool:  “The Neighborly Drivers Pool connects allies who have a car and a day off to folks who need rides in the immigrant community” Please read more about the drive pool here. After reading the info, fill out your contact information here if you would like to volunteer yourself as a driver. 

Point of Contact: Eleanor Davis

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