ACTION ALERT: Stop this terrible legislation

The 2018 legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly is almost over, but we need you to keep calling. There’s still terrible legislation out there that we can stop!

Need more information on any of these to write your script? You can read our 2018 State Legislative Session page for more details. If we’ve sent out a previous alert on a bill, we’ve linked to it below. Otherwise, links go to the text of the bill.

Act on as many of these below as you like, and thank you!

The 2018 session of the Georgia General Assembly ends March 29 (Thursday), and you’ve helped us hold our legislators accountable many times this year. Let’s join our voices one more time to support good legislation and fight bad legislation before it heads to the governor for his signature.

  • Senate Bill 452, still in the house after passing the senate, has somehow gotten even worse. Not only does it mandate that local law enforcement cooperate with ICE, tearing apart families and making our community less safe, but now it also destroys bail-reform efforts in Atlanta and elsewhere. (Email: the entire house!)
  • Senate Bill 403, which would move Georgia to paper ballots from electronic voting systems, sounds like a good thing, but it’s not! This legislation doesn’t make our votes any more secure. (Call: Rep. Ed Setzler, who’s moving it through the house. Tell him it doesn’t fix our current problems and keeps our elections vulnerable to outside influences.)
  • Senate Bill 363, which closes the polls an hour early in the city of Atlanta to suppress votes, is currently in the house. So are Senate Bill 315, which is supposedly trying to stop cybercrimes but would actually penalize whistleblowers and researchers, and Senate Bill 339, which censors free speech on university campuses. (Call: Speaker of the House David Ralston. Let him know this sneaky legislation isn’t fooling you or anyone else.)
  • House Bill 217, which allows more tax-deductible contributions to “scholarship” (i.e., voucher) programs, is in conference. (Call Reps. John Carson, Jay Powell and Earl Ehrhart, plus Sens. Brandon Beach, Ben Watson and Chuck Hufstetler, who are on the committee, and tell them we need more money for public education, not for vouchers.)
  • House Bill 764, which would have added chronic pain and posttraumatic stress disorder to the list of conditions treatable with low-THC oil, has stalled in the senate, but you can call Bill Cowsert and Frank Ginn to complain!
  • House Bill 834, which allows victims of domestic abuse to break leases early without penalty, is in the senate after passing the house (Call: Sens. Bill Cowsert or Frank Ginn. Tell them to support it!)

Please call them TODAY.

TELL THEM: Listen to us!

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