Alert: Preserve the Right to Protest

Let’s remind the National Parks Service that the First Amendment exists!

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The president doesn’t like hearing from the people. He can avoid it most places, but the National Mall and the area in front of the White House are right in front of his face. The National Parks Service is proposing revisions to where and how protesters can assemble in those areas, and today (Monday, October 15) is the last day to leave a comment opposing this attack on the First Amendment.

The proposed restrictions would close off 80 percent of the sidewalk by the White House to protests, require permits (effectively banning spontaneous demonstration), ban the use of amplified sound and staging and potentially charge protesters for the cost of barricades and security. The government’s tried this before, back in 1967, during the Vietnam War, but the ACLU sued and won. It’s not enough that our government doesn’t want to listen us. Now they don’t even want to hear the slightest bit of dissent!


The National Parks Service through this online form.

Suggested Script:


Hello, My name is [NAME], and I live in [CITY]. I’m writing to oppose these proposed restrictions on free speech on the National Mall and near the White House. As the president and Congress continue to hide from the wishes of the people, these areas are uniquely suited to making those wishes public. The federal government already tried to do this in 1967, was sued by the ACLU and lost the suit.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.”

Feel free to modify the script, and make sure to tell your friends to fill it out, too.

Please fill out the comment form TODAY.

TELL THEM: Stop attacking free speech!

Thanks for persisting,

Legislative Action Network
Athens for Everyone

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