2018 Annual Member Meeting recap

Audience at A4E's 2018 annual meetingAthens for Everyone held its 4th Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday, February 24, at the Athens-Clarke County Library on Baxter Street. Members enjoyed a meal from Rashe’s Cuisine, elected six new board members and adopted 21 items for the organization’s local and state platforms.

Board of Directors, term of 2018-2020

Eleanor Davis, Meera Naqvi, Nnenne Onyioha-Clayton, Eric Rose, Imani Scott-Blackwell and Jimena Vargas Pacora were elected to serve two-year terms on the board. They bring a wealth of activist experience to the organization on issues including health inequalities, immigrant rights, union organizing and racial and economic justice.


Five awards were presented during the meeting. Eleanor Davis (who also presented on A4E’s accomplishments in 2017) received Member of the Year; Tim Denson was honored with a Lifetime Member Award; Eric Rose received the Laura Conroy Community Spirit Award for his indispensable contributions to many local causes; Deborah Gonzalez received the Elected Official of the Year Award for championing progressive and transformative policies during the current state legislative session; and Broderick Flanigan received the first ever Anthony “Versatyle tha Wildchyld” Little All Love Solidarity Award for the impact of his art and activism on the Athens community.

Kxng Blanco performs at A4E's annual meetingMusical Performances!

District 2 commission candidate Mariah Parker performed as Linqua Franca, as did Clarke Central senior Kxng Blanco, who was disciplined for his role in a Black History Month performance at the school in February, an action that sparked a peaceful protest by students.

2018 Local Platform

The 2018 local platform consists of 10 planks, the first seven of which were carried over from 2017 (although some were expanded or revised). Planks 8 and 9 were submitted by A4E member Broderick Flanagan and A4E’s Policy and Elections Committee and adopted by a voice vote. Members voted on the 10th plank from four proposals submitted by A4E members.The 2018 A4E Platform

  • Invest in public transit
  • End discrimination
  • Support early learning
  • Complete our streets
  • Protect and build affordable housing
  • Ban the bag
  • Decriminalize marijuana
  • Support an equity package to combat poverty (submitted by Broderick Flanigan)
  • Oppose deportations
  • Improve EMS response times (40 votes, submitted by Sam Rafal and Bob Gadd)

2018 State Platform

Due to a tie in the voting, our 2018 state platform consists of 11 planks. The first five of which were carried over from the 2017 platform and members voted on the remaining six.

  • Fight for $15
  • Establish an independent redistricting commission
  • Expand Medicaid and work toward Medicare-for-All
  • Reform state laws and legal code regarding rape and sexual assault
  • Legalize marijuana
  • End money bail and abolish mandatory minimum sentencing (70 votes)
  • Repeal Campus Carry (60 votes)
  • Allow driver’s licenses for undocumented Georgians (58 votes)
  • Support a Massive Public Jobs Plan (52 votes)
  • Commit to 100 percent renewable energy (34 votes)
  • Sign on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (34 votes, submitted by A4E member Caroline Aiken)
Thank you to Wade Sheldon for providing photography!

Also thanks to new Board member Meera Naqvi for taking photos!

Athens for Everyone
March 4, 2018


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