Bus service expanded to US-29!

On Sunday, August 6, 2017, Athens Transit will launch new service for the Athens Northside area. This new service, Route 30 – Northside Circulator, will serve Pinewoods, Athens Tech, Space Kroger, the DMV, VA clinic, Hallmark Mobile Home Park, and more!

This is a “flex route,” meaning you can call for a personal pick-up within a mile distance of the route (the orange area on the map) – call 706-613-3439!

Athens for Everyone is very excited about this route! We’ve been working on getting bus service to run along US-29 for two years. We couldn’t be happier that not only does route 30 start this week but our proposal for a standard, fixed-route along US-29 made it on the final TSPLOST project list! That means that potentially starting as soon as next year, there could be not one, but two routes serving this previously underserved area.

If you’re taking this route from Pinewoods, it will pick up / drop off right at the Pinewoods library!  Don’t wait by the highway, it won’t stop there – call 706-613-3439 at least an hour before you need to be picked up.

Our next project: Fare-Free Bus Service. Athens Transit fares are still $1.75, but remember, kids under 18 ride free already!

Numbers 3, 5 and 7 (Athens Tech, JJ Harris, Pinewoods) aren’t actual stops, but this is when the bus will usually be passing by. If you call the bus from these locations, it will pick you up there around the time listed.

Download the full-resolution map here.

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