In the name of transparency, we ask National EMS to release its full data from the 31,055 calls that exceeded the response time standard between 2014 and 2017. We are asking for an open audit of these calls, to include the nature of the 911 emergency, the zone in which […]

A4E Requests Audit of National EMS Response Times

A4E member Steve Piazza is a writer and poet living in Athens, Georgia with his wife and cat. He is a retired educator who advocates for education, workers’ rights and global welfare. Interested in writing for our blog? Get in touch! Stability in any society requires that its people be […]

Collective Threats: What’s Wrong with Workers’ Rights?

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It’s time to tell our local hospitals we want reliable emergency medical services! If you’ve been following our stories, you know that 911 emergency medical services in Athens and Oconee County are provided by National EMS, a private, for-profit company. Adding a profit motive to this vital public service can […]

Action Alert: We’re Worried About For-Profit 911 EMS

For the first time, we are releasing the raw data showing that National EMS consistently fails to meet its contractually-required response-time standards. We hope to provide additional transparency and to clear up some confusion about what these numbers mean. For analysis of the data and the bigger picture, check out […]

A4E Releases Raw EMS Response Time Data

Athens for Everyone supports those participating in the nonviolent occupation of Atlanta City Detention Center (ACDC) and encourages Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to rescind the agreements with the US Marshall and immediately cease all ICE detentions at ACDC. Following the Families Belong Together rally at the ACDC on June […]

A4E Supports Occupation of ACDC and Abolition of ICE

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For years, National EMS (the private, for-profit company that runs ambulance service for Athens-area hospitals) has steadfastly refused to release raw response time data. Now we may know why. National EMS consistently fails to meet the required response times. Its contract guarantees that the company will meet the national standard […]

National EMS Consistently Fails to Meet Response Time Requirements

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It’s time to tell our legislators to oppose Trump’s zero-tolerance policy at the border! Last week’s nationwide outrage over the separation of children from their families forced the president to backtrack some on his inhumane policies, but it wasn’t enough. The order he signed doesn’t do anything to reunite separated […]

Action Alert: Zero Tolerance = Zero Humanity

It’s time to demand that our legislators pass the Keep Families Together Act TODAY! Please call your senators and your congressional representative and tell them to prohibit the removal of children from their parents at or near the port of entry and vote for the Keep Families Together Act. This […]

Action Alert: Keep Families Together

It’s time to tell our legislators to ask where the refugees are! The world is witnessing the displacement of a record-breaking 65 million people. The Trump Administration promised to take in 45,000 refugees this year (during the Obama presidency the average was 69,250), but the fiscal year is more than […]

Action Alert: Where Are the Refugees?