Creating a Human Relations Code & Human Relations Commission for ACC

Creating a Human Relations Code & Human Relations Commission for ACC

Athens-Clarke County Unified Government Should Adopt a Human Relations Code

    • Cover more than downtown: The first step would be the Unified Government adopting a Human Relations Code that would protect the public welfare, health, peace, and safety within the County regarding open public accommodations (including businesses such as bars & hotels), equal employment opportunity, and fair housing.
    • Be enforceable: This code would be created in a manner that would have enforceable measures available to the County if a violation is found to have taken place. Such as:
      • Revoking of a liquor license
      • Revoking of a business license
      • Mediation & conciliation between the victim and offender
        • The option to take the complaint to Municipal Court would still exist


County should then also create a Human Relations Commission

  • Human Relation Commission (HRC) would hear, review, and make recommendations on discrimination complaints: The HRC would hear, review, and investigate complaints. The HRC would either attempt to remedy the situation with the victim & offender, or make a recommendation to the Mayor & Commission on what actions to take.
  • The HRC must be diverse and independent: Members of the HRC should be appointed in a manner that assures it remain an independent body. Effort must be taken to ensure that the ¬†appointees to the HRC express the diversity of the Athens-Clarke County community and the traits covered by the Human Relations Code.


Examples of Cities with a Human Relations Commission:

Example of Human Relations Code:


(This is a suggested policy only at this time)