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Read about A4E’s early years and prehistory.

  • First Annual Meeting

    The first Board of Directors was elected during this meeting, which took place at the First Christian Church of Athens. You can see the slideshow from this meeting here.

  • A4E Members Arrested Protesting for Medicaid Expansion

    Three members of A4E (Tim Denson, Adam Veale, Adam Lassila), together with 9 other Moral Monday protesters were arrested at the Georgia State Capitol for protesting lack of medical coverage for 650,000 Georgians. These 12 brave individuals were willing to be arrested because they understood that someone dies in Georgia nearly every day that our State Legislature withholds Medicaid expansion.

    All 12 protesters stayed in jail overnight and were released the next day. The state declined to pursue charges.

    Read about Flagpole’s coverage of the protest here.

  • UGA Finds Adam Veale Not Guilty

    The state declined to pursue charges on the three A4E members arrested at the state capitol, but Adam Veale, a UGA student at the time, did face a disciplinary hearing from his alma mater. State Senator Vincent Fort, Commissioner Melissa Link, Tim Denson and other friends and activists testified on Adam’s behalf during the hearing. Adam Veale was cleared of all charges.


Read about 2016 to see how A4E develops in the year that Trump is elected president.