Living Wages

A $15/hr Minimum Wage for Georgia

What we want:

The minimum wage in Georgia, including for tipped employees and agricultural workers, should be raised to $15/hr.

The benefits:

  1. A better life for workers. No one who works should have to live in poverty. Every type of labor in our society should be compensated with a wage that enables people to lead a decent life.
  2. A victory for organized labor. The holders of capital have been exercising more and more power over the rest of us during the period of union decline. The victories of the Fight for 15 movement are already rejuvenating the labor movement. We need to keep growing that momentum.

The political situation:

Increasing the minimum wage is a non-starter for the Republicans who control the Georgia Legislature and Governorship. We need a Democratic majority publicly committed to a $15/hr minimum wage. Not all elected Democrats support that position. We need to defeat enough Republicans in the November 2018 and 2020 elections, and the Democrats opposed to progress need to be brought around or replaced by progressives and leftists in primaries.

Additionally, A4E is working to support workers in their attempts to organize here, while also supporting existing labor groups in Atlanta. The direct agitation of workers through demands, walkouts, and strikes is necessary for the legislative push to succeed.