Vote NO on HB 150 & SB 102 – Removing Local Control over Energy Choice

The Georgia legislature is voting on two energy bills, HB 150 & SB 102, that are aimed at preventing Georgia cities from achieving their green energy goals. The bills will restrict the rights of local governments to decide what types of energy can be used in their jurisdictions by preventing municipalities from adopting building codes and other policies that dictate the type of energy used in homes and businesses. 

These restrictions will effectively make it harder for communities to decide to move toward clean energy plans, such as a lower carbon footprint or going carbon-free, as they mandate reliance on outdated fossil fuels. Five major cities in Georgia, including Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Clarkston and Savannah, have all pledged to move toward 100 percent clean energy to protect their citizens and the planet. The fossil fuel industry is getting scared and launching a coordinated attack. These bills are a direct assault on cities choosing a healthier future, and we need to speak out!

Local governments know their residents’ needs better than a broad, over-reaching state bill, and the state should not limit their power in order to suck up to the natural gas industry and increase our reliance on harmful fossil fuels. Additionally, energy-efficient buildings save consumers money over the long run and are better for the health of residents. Consumers have little ability to choose energy sources after the infrastructure is built. These bills are clearly aimed at limiting environmental goals, not helping consumers. There is no reason for these bills to pass other than to line the natural gas industry’s pockets.
HB 150 has already passed the house (with local reps. Houston Gaines and Marcus Wiedower voting in favor of it), so we need you to contact your state senator. In Athens, that’s either Bill Cowsert at 404-463-1366 (in Atlanta), 706-543-7700 (in Athens) or or Frank Ginn at 404-656-4700, 706-680-4466 or Don’t know who your legislator is? You can find out at
Contact your state senator today! Tell them to Vote NO on HB 150 & SB 102.
Suggested script:
“Hello, my name is {NAME} and I am from {CITY}. I am calling today to encourage you to vote NO on HB 150 and SB 102. Local governments should have the power to listen to their residents’ desire for a healthier future by focusing on clean energy goals. Removing local control is not the answer.  I hope you will vote no on these bills. Thank you.”
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