A4E endorses Senator Vincent Fort for Mayor of Atlanta

Athens for Everyone is proud to endorse Senator Vincent Fort for Mayor of Atlanta. Senator Fort has shown strong, consistent leadership in the Senate and has put forth a bold, people-first platform that will move Atlanta forward. Given Fort’s deep knowledge of policy and love for working people, A4E urges all supporters and indeed, all progressives throughout Georgia, to rally behind Fort’s campaign as the next step in the larger movement.

Athens for Everyone does not normally endorse candidates in districts outside Athens-Clarke County, but the A4E Board of Directors understand that when Fort’s progressive vision becomes reality, it will shine to all corners of the state. “Vincent Fort has a vision to create an Atlanta for Everyone that is inspiring Georgians from Savannah to Rome to push for policies that put people first,” said A4E Organization Coordinator Tim Denson. “He will truly be the People’s Mayor.”

Athens for Everyone has had the privilege of working with Senator Fort many times as he fought at the State Capitol on issues such as Medicaid expansion, criminal justice reform, and foreclosure reform, sometimes even putting his own freedom on the line. He even traveled to Athens to testify on the behalf of A4E member Adam Veale when UGA tried to punish Veale for engaging in civil disobedience during a Medicaid expansion action. Fort’s act of solidarity helped to successfully clear Veale of student misconduct charges. [youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT4TJWTS_jM&w=500&h=300]

The election of Vincent Fort in Atlanta will add to the progressive momentum that is building in Georgia. The people of Atlanta and all over Georgia yearn for justice, equality and freedom. It will take the hard work of many, but it cannot long be denied. A4E encourages its membership, and all Georgia progressives, to support Vincent Fort’s campaign to be the next Mayor of Atlanta.

Athens for Everyone
July 24, 2017

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