Josh McCall

Candidate for US House, District 9
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Josh McCall

Questionnaire Responses

Do you support (yes/mostly/no):

  • A Medicare-for-all, single-payer healthcare system with no premiums or deductibles, which also covers vision, dental, mental, gender affirmation, and reproductive health services including abortion? YES.
  • Raising the federal minimum wage to at least $15/hour, and covering all employees, including those receiving tips and agricultural workers? YES.
  • A carbon fee-and-dividend policy to fight climate change? YES.
  • A Federal Job Guarantee for all U.S. residents? YES.
  • A Universal Basic Income (UBI) of at least $1,200/month for all U.S. residents? MOSTLY.
  • Establishing a committee to study reparations for Black Descendants of Slaves (HR 40), and for Indigenous Peoples? YES.
  • Full citizenship for all undocumented immigrants? YES.
  • Ending all deportations? MOSTLY.
  • Legalizing marijuana as part of a broader effort to dismantle racialized mass incarceration? YES.
  • Ending the cash bail system? YES.
  • Abolishing mandatory minimum sentences? YES.
  • Ending the use of past criminal history to determine eligibility for public services? YES.
  • Eliminating private prisons and detention centers? YES.
  • Making public colleges and universities tuition-free? YES.
  • Significantly raising taxes on the wealthiest American individuals and corporations? YES.
  • A 50% or greater reduction in military spending? MOSTLY.
  • Publicly financed elections to reduce the influence of concentrated wealth on our political system? YES.
  • Repealing the Hyde Amendment to ensure Georgians with federally funded health insurance, such as Medicaid or Tricare, have access to abortion? NO.
  • Net neutrality? YES.
  • Guaranteed free early learning/child care for all? YES.
  • Breaking up the largest banks? YES.
  • Guaranteeing universal voter registration and the right to vote with federal law, including for currently and formerly incarcerated people? YES.
  • Increased federal funding for locally operated public transit? YES.
  • Electing the president based on the popular vote, rather than the Electoral College? YES.
  • Universal free internet access through a public ISP? YES.

Open response

  • White people still hold a hugely disproportionate amount of economic and social power in the United States. If elected, what will you do to help fight this structural imbalance, increase the economic security of, and ensure the equal treatment of Americans of color, especially Black Americans who continue to be most targeted by past and present systems of oppression?

We should end the war on drugs and implement a program of full employment with a living wage. In addition, we should study methods of de-escalation and bias training for law enforcement.

  • What is your most important policy priority?

Health care for all as a right.