January 27, 2016 - Transit Town Hall at the Pinewoods Library

Athens for Everyone members, Pinewoods residents, Commissioner Kelly Girtz, and others concerned about transportation options along US highway 29 assembled in the Pinewoods Library on this day for a Transit Town Hall meeting. Then A4E President Tim Denson explained his plan to extend bus service along US-29 all the way out to the county line, and slightly beyond to the Veteran’s Clinic in Madison County.In a small survey conducted by A4E members, 90% of Pinewoods residents say they are not always able to get around town easily. Undocumented residents in particular have a difficult time because there are no alternative transportation options available there and they are unable to get driver’s licenses.

A bus route along US-29 was included in the 2018 TSPLOST. A4E is hopeful that when this route is implemented it will greatly improve transportation accessibility for those living in Pinewoods and Country Corners.