Clarke County Sheriff

Athens has been loud and clear: we stand with immigrants and against ICE. But ignoring their own community, the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office has continued to work with ICE to deport Athenians: destroying lives and ripping families apart. Instead of immediately reversing their policy of working with ICE, they chose […]

URGENT: tell the ACC Sheriff’s Office to stop hurting our ...

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office has been secretly working with ICE to deport Athenians – destroying lives and ripping families apart. This is wrong. It is in clear violation of the constitution. It’s a direct attack on the safety of Athenian immigrants. And by eroding trust in local law enforcement, […]

Urgent: Our Sheriff is Working with Trump’s Immigration Police and ...

Flagpole magazine published a column this week by A4E’s Tim Denson on the ‘Inmate Phone System’ contract that was recently passed by Athens-Clarke County Unified Government. Please read the Flagpole piece here (edited by Chris Dowd with graphics by Jennifer Denson). Below, you can find the full, unedited piece by […]

ACC Shouldn’t Be Profiting Off of Inmate Phone Calls