Dawn Johnson

Close up of Dawn Johnson smiling.Candidate for State Senator of District 47 (D)
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Questionnaire Responses


  • Do you support expanding Medicaid as provided for under the Affordable Care Act?: YES
  • Do you support creating a single-payer, “Medicare-for-All” healthcare system in Georgia if the federal government fails to do so? YES

Minimum Wage & the Economy

  • Do you support raising the minimum wage to $15/hour for all workers? YES
  • Do you support repealing the preemption law that prevents Georgia cities from raising their minimum wage locally? YES
  • Do you support a massive public jobs plan to put Georgians to needed work at wealth-building wages? YES

Immigrant Rights

  • Do you support driver’s licenses for undocumented residents? YES

Electoral Reform

  • Do you support creating an Independent Redistricting Committee? YES
  • Do you support allowing nonpartisan localities to decide their own election dates? YES
  • Do you support establishing Automatic Voter Registration in Georgia? YES
  • Do you support Georgia joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact? YES

Environmental Sustainability

  • Do you support a statewide ban or fee on single-use plastic bags? YES
  • Do you support committing Georgia to 100% renewable energy by 2045? YES

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Do you support marijuana legalization? YES
  • Do you support ending money bail? YES
  • Do you support abolishing mandatory minimum sentences? YES

Reproductive Justice

  • Do you support ensuring all women have access to reproductive healthcare including an abortion procedure? YES

Sexual Assault Prevention

  • Do you support reforming state laws and definitions regarding rape and sexual assault? YES


  • Do you support providing funding to Georgia cities for transit operational costs? YES

Gun Control

  • Do you support repealing campus carry? YES

Racial Justice

  • Do you support strengthening Georgia’s legal non-discrimination protections? YES
Q: White people still hold a hugely disproportionate amount of economic and social power in Georgia. If elected, what will you do to help fight this structural imbalance, increase the economic security of, and ensure the equal treatment of Georgians of color; especially black Georgians who continue to be most targeted by past and present systems of oppression? A: (click to read)
I would want to address this issue on multiple fronts: combating systemic poverty through poverty programs, make home ownership and rental more affordable by inclusive housing zoning, subsidize building of smaller, more affordable housing, raising minimum wage, making post-secondary education affordable and accessible, working to end to school-to-prison pipeline, making our criminal justice system equitable and reasonable, invest in communities of color to make neighborhoods safe and sustainable and regulate the rate of gentrification, make regulations on what rent charges can be in relation to market rates, legislation to ensure people of color are paid equally, and have funding initiatives to invest in business and home ownership and help black families develop generational wealth.


Q: What is your most important policy priority for 2019? A: (click to read)
Affordable and accessible health care for all Georgians and addressing the health care crisis in Georgia (lack of doctors, rural hospital closures).