Sexual Assault Prevention

The Athens for Everyone Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign (ASAP) works towards spreading awareness of sexual violence by collaborating with existing organizations and promoting a culture of consent.  Our major goal right now is to help bar staff in Athens become better bystanders with a series of Bystander Intervention Workshops. Check out some resources from those workshops here.

Consent Culture Now! rally on 2/6/16

When a group of rape apologists planned to meet at the UGA Arch, we held a Consent Culture Now! Rally which transformed the community’s outrage into a beautiful display of support and solidarity. Survivors told their stories, chants of “Yes Means Yes!” were shouted through the streets, and candles were uplifted in honor of all of the victims and survivors of sexual violence.

As an organization we have also given presentations about sexual assault prevention and bystander awareness to undergraduate students, including UGA Fraternity Delta Tau Delta. asapdtd

Join us at our next meeting (check the calendar) where we will plan out the next steps in creating a culture of consent in our own community and beyond!