A4E Opposes All Deportations

Whereas, deportation destroys individual lives and breaks up families,

Whereas, the new federal administration is taking steps to significantly increase the number of deportations beyond the already record levels of recent years,

Whereas, a human being should never be detained or incarcerated because of their immigration status,

Whereas, private detention centers use the immigration enforcement system to create private corporate profits,

Whereas, discrimination based on national origin is inseverably linked to the exclusionary and divisive ideology of nationalism,

Whereas, removing a person from their place of residence violates their human rights and can never be justified by the fact that they were born on the other side of a political boundary,

Whereas, in the face of grave threats to the physical and economic well-being of tens of millions of Americans, as well as to the norms of individual liberty and democratic governance, political organizations like ours must stand up and resist alongside those groups especially targeted by state power,

Be it resolved that Athens for Everyone opposes all deportations.

We call for federal, state, and local policies that end the barbaric practice of forcibly removing people from their place of residence. We call for an end to discrimination based on a person’s place of birth. We call on other political organizations, and the Democratic Party in particular, to join the immigrant rights movement and Athens for Everyone in the demand for “Not One More Deportation.”  We stand with all of our undocumented neighbors as they live, work, and love alongside us, and also as they struggle in courts, languish in detention centers, and miss the family members from whom they are separated. We will continue our efforts to build a community that includes all of us and works for all of us. Finally, we support and encourage participation in efforts of civil disobedience to stop deportations and family separations.

Athens for Everyone
March 15, 2017


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