Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims still possible

Great news! Passage of the Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act is still possible this legislative session.

Despite attempts from Senator Renee Unterman (hilariously skewered by Samantha Bee in the video below) to defeat the measure, it appears that the House Judiciary non-civil committee just gave the bill new life. Today, the committee voted unanimously to strike the language of SB 304, a crime bill, and replace it with the language of HB 827, the rape kit bill. If the bill passes the House, it will bypass Senator Unterman’s Health and Human Services committee where the bill was previously stalled and come before the full Senate for a vote. The measure is expected to pass the House again, but with only two days left before Sine Die, every second counts.

Athens for Everyone supports the Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act, and commends the House judiciary non-civil committee for giving the bill another chance at passage this legislative session.  Contact your senators and representatives and let them know you support this bill.

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