500 Attend Greensboro Isakson/Perdue/Hice Event

Post-Greensboro Isakson/Perdue/Hice Event Press Statement 

500 Georgians gathered in Greensboro, GA on Friday, February  10 at the Open House held by staff of Senator Johnny Isakson, Senator David Perdue, and Congressman Jody Hice. A majority of these Georgians were from the GA-10 Congressional district, including locals from Greene County and many from Athens-Clarke County.

Constituents were there to raise concerns to staff of these Senators and Congressman but, out of the 9 staffers who attended, only a lone Hice staffer returned to hear out the overflowing room after the staff all left abruptly to the shouts of “Shame!” Various concerns were mentioned including healthcare access, education funding, reproductive rights, the defunding of research programs, and the lack of access to the elected officials these staff members were here to represent. While the majority of the attendees joined in on this impromptu townhall, residents with specific concerns and needs met in small groups with Senate and Congressional staff.

After the two hour event was over, Senator Perdue’s office released a statement saying, “If organized groups want to manufacture protests and continue to be disruptive, it will only deny those who really need help.”

While Athens for Everyone worked very hard to organize around this event, we cannot take credit for “manufacturing” the protest. That credit belongs to Senator Perdue himself, along with Senator Isakson, Representative Hice, and the Trump Administration. By harnessing the tools of partisanship, fact-manipulating, public deception, and fear-mongering they have manufactured a citizenry who is dedicated to uniting together in their resistance of a dangerous, hateful agenda and, in its stead, building a welcoming, compassionate community.

Athens for Everyone will continue organizing Georgians and helping them attend these events until our Representatives and Senators hold in-person townhalls in our communities. Athens for Everyone personally invites Rep. Jody Hice to come to Athens, the most populous city in his district, and participate in a townhall with his constituents.

Athens for Everyone
February 13, 2017

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