Moral Monday: Protest for Medicaid Expansion

Athens for Everyone is a proud member of the Moral Monday Georgia coalition.

On March 2nd, 2015, Tim Denson along with two other members of A4E (Adam Veale and Adam Lassila) and 9 other Moral Monday protestors were arrested at the State Capitol for protesting lack of medical coverage for 650,000 Georgians.
Tim Denson gets arrested
These 12 brave individuals were willing to be arrested because they understand that someone dies in Georgia nearly every day that our State Legislature withholds the Medicaid expansion.  They know that the Federal government is picking up the vast majority of the cost: accepting the Medicaid expansion would be free for Georgia for the first 3 years, and we would only have to pay 10% of the cost for the next 10 years.

We understand that rural hospitals are closing due to state lawmakers playing political games, not wanting to be associated with any policy put forth by President Obama.  Even hospitals in urban areas are feeling the pressure.  We cannot wait any longer.

Let’s stop playing political games.  Let’s put the health of Georgians first.  Medicaid expansion now!

You can read the Flagpole’s coverage of the protest here.
2- Bold Action at the Capitol 3-2-15

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