A4E endorses Commissioner Melissa Link for District 3

Let’s keep Melissa’s progressive momentum going!

Since taking office in 2014, no one has done more to shake up the Athens-Clarke County Commission than Melissa Link. Melissa does not stay quiet when she sees something in the community that needs attention. This is what makes Melissa stand out from the rest — her tireless efforts toward making our local government more responsive to the needs of all Athens residents — not just the wealthy and well-connected. During her first term, Melissa has quickly earned the reputation as Athens’ most progressive and active Commissioner. We need Melissa Link in office!

Named Elected Official of the Year in 2017 by Athens for Everyone, Melissa has consistently championed policies and programs aimed at reducing inequality and making our communities more vibrant and livable. This includes her unwavering support for strong nondiscrimination legislation paired with an Athens Civil Rights Committee, as well as her firm stance against development that benefits only wealthy and temporary residents. Melissa persistently promotes living wages, stronger environmental protection, affordable housing and major expansions of public transit and bike/pedestrian infrastructure. She actively engages with residents of District 3 to make in-town development more compatible with existing neighborhoods, and she is not afraid to bring issues to the attention of local government staff, ensuring that solutions are implemented.

Melissa’s transparent, inclusive and engaged approach to being an elected official is a breath of fresh air from the “behind-the-scenes” dealings that far too often characterize local government in Athens. She regularly shares updates and alerts with her constituents, while constantly advocating for more transparency and public input in our government’s processes. Melissa also knows that we need to stick our neck out sometimes, and resist conservative state policies or local staff members who say “it just can’t be done.” Melissa is determined to find a way and qualified to lead us along that path.

Athens needs Melissa Link’s experience, vision, and follow-through on the Commission. As the representative for District 3, she will continue to bring about a more open and transparent government, better platforms for community input, and the progressive policies that we need to transform our community into an Athens for Everyone.

You can learn more about Melissa on our website.

Pledge to vote for Melissa here!

Athens for Everyone
February 21, 2018


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