Lobbying Training Day with A4E and Common Cause Georgia

Do you want to know more about lobbying your representatives on the issues most important to you? Are you interested in visiting the capitol with one of Athens for Everyone, but would like to learn more about the process first?

Join us for a lobbying training given by A4E and Sara Henderson of Common Cause Georgia.

Come to Lobbying for the People! Lobbying Training Day, and learn what to expect when we visit the Gold Dome. Sunday, February 4th, 3pm, A4E Office – 140 Tracy Street, Tracy Street Warehouses, Unit 4, Suite 10.

Read an excerpt of A4E Member Leandra Nessel’s Excellent Guide To Lobbying!

So you want to lobby your senator or your state representative but have no idea where to start? I was in the same predicament a few weeks ago, but thanks to Athens for Everyone and their Legislative Action Network, I now know what to do and want to help others who want to start lobbying.  Here’s the guide I made:

How to Be a Citizen Lobbyist

First things first, don’t be afraid. You can do this. The legislators are just people, and it’s THEIR JOB to listen to you. The prospect of citizen lobbying may seem terrifying at first, but in my opinion it’s sort of like riding a roller coaster: the anticipation is more terrifying than the actual reality and as soon as the ride is over you want to go again.

Second, if you’re nervous, find a group to go with. There’s a reason for the saying there’s strength in numbers. It’s because… well, there really is strength in numbers. It’s much less overwhelming navigating the different floors and the mezzanines (oh God, the mezzanines!) of the Capitol when you have compatriots standing with you, when they literally have your back.

Don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of people who are there on any given day. When I went, we walked in and it was wall-to-wall people. Student groups are always visiting, and  there are also a lot of professional lobbyists walking the halls. But I’m happy to report that a lot of grassroots, non-profit lobbyists are there as well.  Our guide for the day, a non-profit lobbyist herself, said that she has seen an encouraging surge in grassroots and citizen lobbying!

Read Leandra’s full report here!

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