A4E endorses LaKeisha Gantt for School Board

LaKeisha Gantt for Board of Education District 7

A true community school is one that brings together parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and students to ensure that the school system is one that works equitably for all kids. The problems of disproportionate discipline practices, lack of trust between teachers and administrators, and a culture of silence and parent disempowerment in the Clarke County School District call for an urgent reconsideration of who holds the power and what their priorities are.

With this in mind, Athens for Everyone is excited to endorse LaKeisha Gantt for Clarke County Board of Education not only because she champions reconstructing the system to address these issues, but also because she has the passion, experience, and expertise to make it happen.

Having grown up, worked, and raised children in the Clarke County School District—in addition to earning her doctorate at UGA—LaKeisha is well-attuned to the strengths and opportunities of the district. She knows that we can’t talk about education without talking about poverty, and so holistic solutions must account for the various ways that poverty and economic inequality manifest in schools. Her dedication to advocacy and action brings the promise of collaborative solutions for students who come to school hungry; who are unjustly deemed “trouble-makers” for behavior that has deeper roots that extend outside of the school building; who want to achieve in school but don’t have access to enough resources to help them do so.

Athens for Everyone trusts LaKeisha Gantt to proactively form policy and to transparently engage parents and the community in the work of the school district in order to make Clarke County a place where all kids can thrive.

You can find out more information about LaKeisha on her website and campaign Facebook page.

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Athens for Everyone
February 14, 2018


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