Josh McCall Really Will Work for All

A4E endorses Josh McCall for US House 9

Josh McCall is working hard to spread the bold ideas we need throughout US House District 9, with his commitments to Medicare for All, a federal job guarantee and a major rollback of the American war machine. Voters in north Athens and Winterville as well as folks throughout north Georgia have the opportunity to vote for a candidate with a genuinely transformative platform, and we should celebrate it.

McCall’s healthcare proposals include Medicare for All that covers family planning, drug addiction and mental illness as well as physical healthcare and access to medical marijuana, but it’s his clear, simple and morally informed language that makes the biggest impact, as when he says, “No one should die because they are poor, and no one should be poor because they are dying.” He believes in getting the influence of big money out of politics and says he’ll listen to constituents even if they don’t write him a check. As a former public school teacher, he believes in the expertise of teachers to tailor learning strategies to individual students and in ensuring affordable college for students who want to go.

Rural Georgia needs investment in its infrastructure, and McCall wants government to tackle that problem, providing good jobs and helping people over corporations. He wants to institute a federal job guarantee through a modern-day Civilian Conservation Corps, giving people well-paid employment in tutoring, child care, senior care, flood control, reforestation and more. McCall speaks honestly and directly about inequality: in education, in the economy, in access to justice. He says, “If we are going to claim to be pro-life, we must go beyond the slogan. We must be pro-women’s lives; pro-children’s lives, regardless of nationality; pro-black lives, and pro-all lives.” He talks about a path to citizenship for the undocumented and underdocumented and the expansion of Social Security and Medicare to help an aging population achieve food security and medical care.

What sets McCall apart from most other candidates running is his willingness to take on the military-industrial complex and the ever-growing, endless global war on terror. He says, “We cannot defeat terrorism with bombs. For every bomb we drop on a village full of innocent people to kill one terrorist, we destabilize that society and create a haven for more terrorists.” Instead of expanding a military empire, we should be putting our resources toward expanding real freedom and economic security in the United States, while investing in humanitarian assistance and fighting climate change internationally. Josh McCall is already fighting for these important positions in his tireless campaign across North Georgia and we’d love to see him take the case to DC.

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Athens for Everyone
October 23, 2018


Early voting has started and continues through November 2 at 155 E. Washington St.

Election Day is November 6.

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