Rep. Jody Hice still refuses to meet with constituents

Check out Flagpole’s coverage of our Town Hall Meeting last Saturday. Representative Hice was unable to attend “due to scheduling conflicts” even though he was given months of notice. We look forward to attending any town hall meeting set up by the congressman, but do request that he hold the meeting in-person and in Athens, one of the largest population centers in his district.

On one of the busiest spring Saturdays in Athens, 100 people attended a town hall for District 10 Congressman Jody Hice. The one notable absence was Rep. Hice himself.


Michael Goltzer of Athens was one of several people who addressed a photo of Rep. Hice propped up in a chair on the stage of the Athens Regional Library on April 22. He pointed out that the town hall was the most basic form of democratic conversation and lamented Rep. Hice’s refusal to engage with his constituents.


“Just tell us what we have to do to get you to meet with us,” he said.

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