Help Convince Georgia Legislators to Increase Min. Wage to $15!

#FightFor15 is happening in Georgia!

On Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 1pm at the Georgia State Capitol, the Georgia Senate Insurance and Labor Committee is having the first ever hearing on a bill to raise the Georgia State minimum wage from $5.15 to $15. This is a historic, big deal, and we need you to show your support.

The Senate Insurance & Labor committee has agreed to hold a hearing on 2 new pieces of legislations related to the minimum wage:
1) SB 292 would repeal the preemption of local cities being able to set their own minimum wage
2) SB 293 would raise the minimum wage to $15 / hour
Can you call or email the members of the Georgia Senate Insurance and Labor Committee? Just call and say, “I’m calling to ask that you support SB 292 & SB 293 so that we can increase the minimum wage to $15 and help working Georgians get by. Thank you for your time.”
Senate Committee Members
Bethel, Charlie; Chairman – (404) 463-1383
Shafer, David; Vice Chairman – (404) 656-0048
Martin IV, P. K.; Secretary – (404) 656-3933
Davenport, Gail; Member – (404) 463-5260
Harbin, Marty; Member – (404) 656-0078
Harbison, Ed; Member – (404) 656-0074
Jones, Burt; Member – (404) 656-0082
McKoon, Joshua; Member – (404) 463-3931
Unterman, Renee S; Member – (404) 463-1368
Walker III, Larry; Member – (404) 656-0081

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