Healthcare Policy Summit [VIDEO]

Athens for Everyone held a forum on healthcare policy on October 8, 2016.  Topics included hospital consolidation, medicaid expansion, mental healthcare access and generally how healthcare policy impacts patients in Northeast Georgia.


Panelists included Whitney Griggs, Outreach and Engagement Manager with Georgians for a Healthy Future; Dr. Charles Peck, CEO of Piedmont-Athens Regional; Spencer Frye, State Representative; and OJ Booker, CEO of Advantage Behavioral Health [youtube] 0:00 – 3:33

3:34 – 10:18
Q: What new developments in healthcare access are you excited about?
A: Medicaid expansion / 1113 waivers; Increased investment in mental health, accountability courts

10:19 – 16:07
Discussion on the merger of Athens Regional and Piedmont

16:08 – 23:03
Q: What is the biggest need or concern you have regarding healthcare access in Georgia?
A: Lack of healthcare workforce including psychiatrists, lack of investment in child / adolescent behavioral health, rural hospital closings

23:04 – 24:15
Discussion about Advantage Behavioral’s candlelight vigil for mental health awareness

24:16 – 35:14
Discussion about hospital and insurance company consolidation, including United Healthcare

35:15 – 38:27
Q: Prospects for Medicaid expansion in 2017

38:28 – 49:50
Q: Advantage Behavioral Health’s new facility

49:51 – end
Audience question about the stigma of mental illness and about privatized ambulances

(This video contains some gaps and one brief duplicate section, our apologies.)

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