Government and Elections

Questions about voting or registering to vote?

Local Government

Athens-Clarke County has a consolidated city-county government which is run by Blaine Williams, our city manager, and the Mayor and Commission. Athens has ten commission districts:

  1. Sharyn Dickerson
  2. Harry Sims
  3. Melissa Link
  4. Allison Wright
  5. Jared Bailey
  6. Jerry NeSmith
  7. Diane Bell
  8. Andy Herod
  9. Kelly Girtz
  10. Mike Hamby

Recent legislation of note:
2017 Local Ordinances
2016 Local Ordinances
2015 Local Ordinances

State Government

Athens is served by three representatives in the State House, all Democrats, and two in the State Senate, all Republican.


  1. Deborah Gonzalez (D)
  2. Spencer Frye (D)
  3. Jonathan Wallace (D)


  1. Bill Cowsert (R ā€“ Senate Majority Leader)
  2. Frank Ginn (R)

Recent legislation of note:
2017 State Legislative Session
2016 State Legislative Session
2015 State Legislative Session

Voter Guides and Endorsements

Athens for Everyone endorses candidates for local and state office who:

  • Represent Athens-Clarke County, Georgia.
  • Support our Platform.
  • Has demonstrated community engagement via advocacy, activism, or public service.
  • Has a strategy for success (either inside or outside the electoral process).
  • Convey what they believe by issuing a public platform or other significant public statements.

Our 2017 Voter Guide
Our 2016 Voter Guide
Our 2014 Voter Guide