Victory Canvassing with Deborah Gonzalez

November 19, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The parking lot at Broadacres Ct., (off Rocksprings)
Broadacres Ct
Athens, GA 30606

Come celebrate Democrat Deborah Gonzalez’s victory in State House District 117 by helping her and Athens for Everyone meet her constituents, learn their concerns, and talk about Deborah’s priorities.

Unlike during an election, when strategic necessity means we have to focus primarily on people we know vote, now we get to organize a broader swath of constituents and bring more people into this transformative political movement. We’ll knock on every door in a couple dense areas to listen to the issues they care about most and talk about how we can address them with the changes we’ll make when we win a transformative majority in the state legislature!

Deborah and A4E know that being in touch with and learning from the people of the district isn’t just for election season. It’s year round and it’s how we grow toward the better Athens and the better society we all want.

See ya Sunday!