Diane Bell Fails Constituents of 5 Points

After learning of the planned demolition of a house listed on the National Register of Historic Places, concerned residents of Milledge Circle were granted a 90 day moratorium on the demolition by their County Commissioner, Diane Bell (District 7). [youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlTKInZ-3-0&w=500&h=300]

“There’s a time to be silent” – Commissioner Diane Bell

After the community did an impressive amount of community outreach to galvanize interest in saving the home in question, Commissioner Bell secretly lifted the 90 day moratorium early and without warning or explanation.

The considerable efforts by the community had been for not and the residents of District 7 were left feeling betrayed and unrepresented by Commissioner Bell.

The proponents for a historic district, encouraged by Commissioners Allison Wright and Mike Hamby, plan to move forward with the designation process, regardless of what happens to the home.

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