Athens Stands Against ICE

Join Dignidad Inmigrante en Athens (DIA) on Friday, January 19th at 6pm in a public protest at City Hall against the ACC Sheriff’s Office continued illegal cooperation with ICE. Sign A4E’s petition, and RSVP to Friday’s event.

AIRC’s Leanne Purdum speaks at December’s Mayor and Commission meeting

We have been fighting against this unconstitutional policy of the Sheriff’s Office since it was revealed in December that they have been secretly working with ICE since July of 2017. You can watch speeches made by members of AIRC (Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition), A4E and allies at December’s Mayor and Commission meeting below. Here is a portion of the speech made by Leanne Purdham:


It is harmful to the community for the Sheriff to work with ICE officers. ICE portrays themselves as officers who are protect the community. However … these are officers who, every day, take children from their parents, and rip people away from their communities.


My doctoral and volunteer work focus on immigration policy and detention centers. I personally know of a woman who officers refused to release from detention when she had brain cancer. She had committed no crime, except for not having legal status. Recently, I participated in an effort to convince ICE to release an asylum seeking woman from detention so that she could attend her own husband’s funeral.


ICE officers do not care about a person’s family connections, their character, nor the roots they have in this country. ICE regularly takes parents away from US Citizen children, deports people from their homes and businesses, and terrorizes immigrant communities. The stories are endless.


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