Ask Georgia State Reps to Vote NO on FADA & Right to Discriminate!

Please take 30 seconds to speak to your State Representative, it could be the 30 seconds needed to stop this hateful legislation.

Athens for Everyone is traveling to the Georgia State Capitol to lobby for our local representatives to vote against FADA, the First Amendment Defense Act (HB 757), which passed the State Senate Friday.

If passed FADA, HB 757, will allow people and organizations, and likely also for-profit businesses, to discriminate against people because they are part of an interracial couple; are part of an interfaith couple; are a single mother; are part of a same-sex couple; are divorced; are remarried; live or have lived with a partner without being married; or have had sex outside of marriage at any time in their life. 

If FADA were to pass the House in its current form, the bill would go directly to Governor Deal’s desk to be signed in to law. Athens for Everyone believes in a Georgia for everyone, and that means WE MUST STOP THIS BILL.

Call or email your state representative today and tell them to vote NO on HB 757. While speaking to your Representative, ask them to vote NO to the Campus Carry bill that will be voted on today.

Rep. Regina Quick: (404)-656-0220 //
Rep. Chuck Williams: (404)-656-0254 //
Rep. Spencer Frye: (404)-656-0265 //


Script: “Good Morning Representative. My name is ________ and I’m from ________. I’m contacting you today to ask that you vote NO on the First Amendment Defense Act. This bill will allow people to discriminate against not only same-sex couples but also interracial couples, divorced individuals, single mothers, and more. Georgia must be built on acceptance and compassion, not discrimination and intolerance. Please vote no against FADA and also against the Campus Carry Bill which would endanger the students of the University of Georgia and learning institutions across the state. Thank you for your time.”


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photo by John Buckley

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